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Marine Data
Marine Data

Stakes are high at sea

Vessels worldwide required to report location with AIS
mln tonnes freight capacity of the global commercial fleet
Marine Accidents reported annually in Europe
bln EUR of claim and wreckage costs of Costa Concordia

150 thousand and rising number of ships around the world are equipped in GNSS receivers and transmit their location information over the radio to everybody nearby. Even though the AIS standard for vessel identification has been in place since the early 2000s and satellite constellations to gather ship identification information have been operational for several years as well, today little use across verticals is being made of the vast amounts of maritime location data.

At we aim to utilize the available real time and historical AIS information for the benefit of administrations, maritime industry, government agencies, financial and insurance institutions in order to improve maritime safety and security, monitor and optimize traffic, and deliver sophisticated knowledge.

Our platform consists of complementary elements, providing the comprehensive spectrum of capabilities, using an ecosystem of owned in-field data sources, as well as the externally provided ones. This information and the provided coverage shall be extended by the to-be Satellite-AIS standard.

Platform Components

With limitless capabilities of the DataCompass platform we believe that it is able utilize the available maritime data by providing digested, accurate and actionable knowledge of the marine traffic for the benefit of various verticals.

Key Features

The DataCompass platform is currently under construction and we are working hard to deliver it to production. We are currently looking for industry partners who are willing to take advantage of the innovation delivered by the platform. So if your needs resonate with our vision, do contact us.

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